PRERAK FOUNDATION TRUST is a registered as a Not-for-Profit organization, non-religious, non-sectarian; this is only public charitable trust u/s 29 of The Bombey Public Trusts act 1950, (Reg No-F/3405/Panchmahal) and u/s 21 of the Society Act 1860, (Reg No-Guj/3439/Panchmahal) the trust w


  1. Providing Health care To all Pepole with right way.
  2. Establishment of ideal society free from any exploitation and inequality for attaining peace and social justice. 
  3. Work for poor, marginalized, exploited, destitute, schedule caste, schedule tribe, children, wom


PRERAK FOUNDATION TRUST visualizes in having a society free from any exploitation, where in giving equal opportunity to backward and exploited sections especially poor farmers, women, children's, dalits and tribals to participate in the developmental process, so as to make their lives

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